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Interested in Volunteering...


What are the coaches looking for?

Tryouts will consist of drills and exercises that will test a players overall athletic ability and level of skill. Staff will be evaluating each athlete using the following criteria to make their decisions:

          ▪ ATTITUDE: Players who are positive, competitive and eager to learn

          ▪ ATHLETIC ABILITY: Players with the ability to learn complex skills

          ▪ POSITION: Players whose skill fit a specific need for a team’s overall balance

          ▪ WORK ETHIC: Players who are always working hard, no matter the exercise or drill

What to Expect?

▪ WORK HARD: You will be asked to perform all physical testing and drills at full speed.

INSTRUCTION: Tryouts are for evaluation of current skill level. There will be some instruction given 

   but drills, but this is a time for us to see what raw skills you have.

▪ ATTITUDE EVALUATION: All potential Pearce volleyball players should be willing to try hard, make 

   mistakes, learn from mistakes and keep trying.

▪ SKILL/COMPETITION EVALUATION: Prospective players will be asked to demonstrate their 

   understanding of basic volleyball skills (passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking and defense) in

   competitive situations. As with most team sports the coaches will evaluate players on their ability and

   potential to fill specific positional needs (setter, outside, middle, opposite, defensive specialist and/or


▪ ATHLETIC ABILITY EVALUATION: Prospective players will participate in conditioning drills that will

   test overall athletic ability and physical endurance.

▪ TRYOUTS ARE TOUGH: One of the toughest jobs for any coach is deciding what team a player should

   play on or cutting players from the program. The Pearce Volleyball coaching staff strives to make all

   decisions fairly, without bias, and after extended evaluation of each prospective student-athlete. We

   know this a tough time for you as well and all we ask is that you give your best and work hard.

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