Pearce PTA Mum Store

The Pearce PTA Mum Store creates homecoming mums the Pearce community. Volunteers make the mums and proceeds from the sales are the given back to the organizations who volunteered.  


Pearce volleyball players need to work at least 4 hours at the Mum Store. We will set-up Volleyball Work Parties, because it is always more fun to work with your friends.  You may always visit the Pearce PTA Mum Store on your own.  The work is fun and least in the early stages.  And it is a great way to meet other Pearce moms, some dads and students.


Location:  Northwest corner of Coit and to the                      Natural Grocers.  

Hours:      Check Mum store Facebook Page for days and hours.


Be sure to record the hours you work as Pearce Volleyball.

Pearce girls wearing mums made at the

Pearce PTA Mum Store.

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